World Headquarters - Boardroom / Videoconference Room


AIM Management
Mr. Jeff Brown
11 Greenway Plaza
25th Floor
Houston, TX 77046


When AIM Management Group started out in 1976, the company had only a table, two chairs, and a telephone. The Houston-based company now has more than $141 billion in assets under management and more than 2,600 employees - and substantially more furniture. As part of the complete renovation of the 25th floor of their World Headquarters in Houston, Texas, AIM wanted to provide their Board of Directors with a meeting space that would reflect the stature of the company while providing effective use of multimedia presentations and telecommunication.

The large size of the AIM Boardroom necessitated the use of a dedicated "mix-minus" overhead audio system that allows each Board member to easily hear the voices of all other members seated throughout the room. Presentations to the Board may be made either locally or by videoconference link, and both may be viewed using the high-resolution rear screen video system. Complete audiovisual system control may be accomplished via a dedicated 15" XGA touchpanel/monitor built into the lectern or via wireless touchpanels, and all system functions are easily operable by nontechnical personnel.

The adjacent Videoconference Room provides smaller meetings with the same high level of technology found in the Boardroom, and operates using identical control system software topology.


Videoconference Room


Videoconference Room