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Hawicz & Stait, Inc.
Mr. Geoffrey Stait
2727 Kirby Drive, Suite 502
Houston, TX 77098


With "corporate campus" neighbors like EDS, Computer Associates, Citizens Communications and Ericsson, the developer and management of the new 400-room Doubletree Hotel and Convention Center at Legacy Town Center (Plano, TX) wanted to make sure that its multimedia capabilities would exceed those of its clients' own technical facilities.

They started by providing extensive audio and video capabilities in the Trinity Ballroom — a 14,000 s.f. room whose completely digital "music-quality" audio system responds to room configuration changes by automatically adjusting individual speaker level/EQ/delay settings. The nearby San Jacinto Ballroom, with its own audio system, is linked to Trinity via audio/video/control tie lines so that the two rooms can function as one as needed. Multiple "floating" control touchpanels, which can be plugged in throughout the two Ballrooms, provide both users and technicians with comprehensive and flexible system control.

The Colorado Amphitheatre, a 100-seat high-tech multimedia presentation/conference room, includes bidirectional links to five additional meeting rooms as well as to the Trinity and San Jacinto ballrooms.

A unique feature allows any of the above rooms to simultaneously "broadcast" their audio/video signal to every television in the hotel via four dedicated channels of the in-house entertainment cable system.


Colorado Amphitheatre


Colorado Amphitheatre