University of Missouri - Telecommunity Centers
(nine locations state-wide)


VMI Company of St. Louis / SAC Dallas
Mr. Keith Tomiser
2268 Welsch Court
St. Louis, MO 63146


Funded by a partnership/grant program from Southwestern Bell, this project involves the design of nine "Telecommunity Centers" (TCC) located on various campuses of the University of Missouri System. Each of the TCCs is comprised of multiple auditoriums, meeting rooms and CRT Training Classrooms (supporting both WinTel and Mac formats) that may be inter-linked, both within each facility and within the University network.

Because each room of each TCC must be able to accommodate both novice and experienced users in a wide variety of operational scenarios (including the use of two different video telecommunications protocols), great emphasis was placed on the design and implementation of the custom AMX control system programming. A collaborative effort of touch thirty three (operating system and graphical user interface design) and SAC Software (program coding), the multiple AMX control systems installed in each TCC allow for extensive interconnection of all facilities while maintaining an easy to use TouchPanel format. In addition, each videoconference suite may be interconnected to multiple "far sites" (each using different CODEC operating configurations, if needed) while remaining totally transparent to end users at all sites - providing true cross-format integration without the need for extensive user training.


Telecommunity Centers