Audio for Video
Post Production Suite


TSB Recording, Inc.
Mr. Tom Wolfenberger
3301 Fountainview, Suite 210
Houston, TX 77057


TSB Recording started life as a small music recording studio in Houston, Texas more than fifteen years ago. Owner/Chief Engineer Tom Wolfenberger, already adept at music recording, slowly branched out into producing audio tracks for the advertising industry. With many local, regional and national awards to their credit, over the years TSB Recording became a successful audio recording facility. Realizing the potential of digital audio in general (and random-access digital editing in particular), Tom decided to meet his clients' requests for him to enter the world of digital audio-for-video post-production.

TSB Studio A is a purpose-built room designed to allow fast and accurate digital audio editing and sound sweetening for the video industry - primarily broadcast television advertising and corporate multi-image presentation. The Dyaxis Digital Editing System allows full audio manipulation including random-access editing to picture, equalization, effects addition, level control and compilation mixing, all entirely in the digital domain. The main audio monitoring system is extremely accurate and powerful, and has enabled the studio to become a popular choice for compact disc mastering. Studio A also has the ability to handle real time remote voice talent recording sessions via ISDN digital audio transfer.