Williams Communications - National Technical Resource Center
Technical Assistance Center Lab
25th Floor Executive Boardroom


Mr. Timothy Gunther
1900 West Loop South, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77027


Williams Communications is an international corporate provider of fully integrated voice, data and video communications technology — combining the unseen elements of fiber-optic cable, digital electronics and satellite transmission into a single, seamless communication environment for their clients. When Williams decided to create a new National Technical Resource Center (NTRC) in Houston's Williams Tower, they wanted a premier facility that would reflect their long-term commitment to supplying and supporting the equipment required for fast and efficient corporate communications.

As the centerpiece of Williams' NTRC, the Technical Assistance Center Lab allows visitors to view system engineers monitoring more than 4,000,000 data communication ports nationwide on five large-scale screens, diagnosing and resolving potential service interruption before it occurs. Customers learn more about Williams in dual Presentation Rooms overlooking the Lab, each room itself a fully-equipped video teleconferencing suite with multiple resources for viewing the computer images created in the Lab.

Along with the 25th Floor Executive Boardroom (a state-of-the-art meeting and videoconference suite) all of the NTRC's presentation systems may be accessed via any of several AMX control systems that have been integrated into a single comprehensive operational entity.


Technical Assistance Center